Yoga Love Magazine

Nice spread on our PROJECT !!! The LOVE edition of @yogalove_magazine will get your endorphins flowing- – and make you feel good, and most of all loved. For proof check out their account. And if you dig their mag and vibes, you might like to GET YOURS at You can also make your way over to the partner directory where they’ve listed the places to pick up a copy for grabs.

Wicked Grounds MAG Exposition

Hello, dear Fotofloor fiends! Last chance to score some fine art awesomeness straight from the MAG treasure chest Thinking of giving yourself or a special someone a perfectly framed, editoria art piece?  Well if you pop in @WickedGrounds before 17.00 , you still have the possibility of being showered in  “The Art of Magazine Photography” . Sept 18 & 19, 2021   : 12.00 - 17.00     Wicked Grounds, Generaal Vetterstraat 51a Amsterdam

Video EYO Flora Joan

Watch the whole clip here:

New EYO Flora Joan

ART TO THE POINTIs she an artist? Is she a photographer? Is she an alchemist? Flora Joan is all of these but even more so, she’s a power woman. That's not only because all of these terms apply to her, but because of her work, which Flora views as belonging to the business of energy. As she sees it, everything she does is about getting the energy right. Not the energy from the electricity supplier, but the energy between people.Indeed, while many people’s energy can seem to fade away at some point, Flora is permanently in the prime of her life. She flourished especially at a young age, when she learned about the spiritual, linguistic and artistic aspects of Daoism from masters in Beijing. During her inspiring time in China, where her aunt and uncle were studying traditional Chinese medicine, she learned the art of acupuncture and graduated with a distinction in photography (check if this resonates with you).As the child of a family of acupuncturists and especially since her experiences in the Far East, Flora has been mainly concerned with the flow of energy. Bringing good energy to the world is even a life goal. For her, its importance can be seen in the way people specifically remember moments that were full of strong energy or stimulating visual triggers.Although this may sound complicated, Flora reminds us that it comes down to something simple: in the end, everything comes back to nature and we just have to follow nature. Nowadays, current society is full of many distractions from this and so real power is knowing what to ignore. Flora’s images, with their pure simplicity, aim to help us get back to what is true again.THE TRUTH IS INSIDE US. Flora Joan's eyewear also radiates pure simplicity. Their round shape stands for balance and their transparent frame reflects the clarity that is so important to Flora

Eyeweardesign inspired by Fotofloor

Eyewear lovers: if you fancy having a look-see at some brand new eye candy, you might like to check out our post / story and links tomorrow.Recently we were invited to design a ‘model of our own’and figured the cosmos was trying to tell us something. Namely, that we should do our ‘ Dr Bates eye exercises’ more frequently or we will end up with personal windows after all. We did pick up on it, but joined forces with the glass-loving folk at EYO, just in case, to whip up this sketch into matter.

Kiekie interview

We had a lovely chat with Kiekie (sorry it’s in Dutch, but basically it’s) about how we developed our style, maintain our collaboration (being a husband and wife team) and how we transformed from creating ‘commercial art’ to doing art for heart’s & art’s sake. Huzzah! Take a look at their blog where you can find more snaps and interesting stories. 

MAG Haute Photographie

Phrases like 'jaw-dropping', ‘IMPRESIONANTE!!’and 'overwhelmingly beautiful' were created for fairs like this! ‘Haute Photographie is a new photography fair with a concept unlike any other. Haute Photographie is centred around a group exhibition, featuring works by the grand masters from the history of photography, to the youngest and most exciting young talents working with the medium today’. So come stop by! ART Rotterdam, Nederlands Fotomuseum 5-9 FEB OPENING HOURS 10:00 - 17:30 / 19:00


Join us from 31 October - 3 November 2019 at Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam. Evenementenlocatie Amsterdam - De Kromhouthal Gedempt Hamerkanaal 231, 1021 KP Amsterdam, Nederland

Rusty Gold / FotoFloor showcase

We sure did have a blast at Rusty Gold Motorshop, thanks for all who came by, said hi and shared a cold one with us :) And thanks 'Mr Rusty' for putting this on, you ROCK!!

MAG at Loggere Wilpower

Amsterdam Art Weekend

Amsterdam Art Weekend- Capturing the city. From 22-25 November, Amsterdam’s most cutting-edge contemporary art venues, including galleries, project spaces, museums, art institutions, and residency programs, have been showcasing the latest developments in the visual contemporary arts. We are so happy we were invited for this showcase! Our gallery MAG popped-up in a uniquely special venue located on the Prinsengracht, where the canal meets the Amstel. The contemporary canal house (wonderfully transformed into an inspiring walk-in gallery) has featured prominently in Elle Decoration and is home to the upcoming interior architect Dick Mulders of DMD Amsterdam.Thanks to MAG and DMD for the amazing weekend.

AAF 2018

We're pretty excited to be joining The Affordable Art Fair (Amsterdam) in November 2018 for its 13th edition, together with local, national and international artists & galleries. At gallery stand A7, MAG will showcase a collection of high-end photography by renowned photographers. Fotofloor is represented. Graditude @MAGphoto.

Sylvies Dessous Models

Look what we've shot for the new RTL show 'Sylvies Dessous Models', starting 21 november '18. You'll meet the image makers, the make up artist, tiny textile artists/models, la grand dame herself and a whole lot more creative and productive leute doing what they love best. From big cities to beaches, this is a TV-tribute to a Dessous way of life. A peek inside of this dazzling, powerful, all conquering goddess, that explores the human spirit in a flirty way. jkkkdjdjdhj Look what we've shot for the new RTL-Show "Sylvies Dessous Models", starting on 21 November '18. You’ll meet the image makers, the make-up artist, tiny-textile artists/models, la grand dame herself and a whole lot more creative & productive leute doing what they love best.From big cities to beaches, this is a TV-tribute to the dessous way of life. A peek inside the life of this dazzling, powerful, all conquering goddess, that explores the sensuality of the human spirit with a flirty wink.


A cross-country sidecar-trip through the Scotland/UK was a starting-point of a 365-day photo odyssey. Since the project is all about the benefits of visual learning it felt only natural to capture and process our experiences via visual journals.  Photo's, sketchnoting, experimentation, we hope this free-form play will foster growth over the long run – not just as visual triggers-, but also in our general ability to take risks and experiment with new things.

Poster 'Blind Date'

Fotofloor poster! Not to boost dating for the visually impaired, but an invitation for those who fancy a hefty dose of bittersweet nostalgia mingled with some clever vinegariness and entertaining good times.  12 aug t/m 6 sep DeLaMar Theater.

MIA photo fair Milan 2018

MIA photo fair, represent :) Thanks for having us!

OH magazine

We were invited by our besty @birgit.schuurman to picture the longest night, the rebirth of the sun, winter solstice for Oh Magazine. And created a photo-fest starring her and Cata Pirata!! They've both been called many names, covergirls, artists, muses, firestarters, awakeners, bohemians, gypsies, femmes fatale, liberators and visonairies. And they are all true and untrue. How do you name a force of nature? Guardians of the deeper mysteries? #sofokkinspecial and we love them for that?? Erotic Allure for @ohmagazine_nl with @houseofmulani @tisjadamenlingerie

AAF 2017

MAG: we warmly thank all of you who joined us, it was a great pleasure meeting many new art lovers at our fine little MAG Gallery.

CMS Campaign

Out now! So proud to announce the first series of posters for CMS. Stay tuned for more lustful adventures.Thank you: Hair & Make-up Barbra Oliemans Client - CMS - Concept & Creative Direction - Compass Island Styling & Props - Naïa Salamah - Compass Island and everybody who helped :)

Sylvia Hoeks Variety

Fotofloor had the privilege to shoot Sylvia's press-portraits.We wanted to picture her as the very elegant, strong and mysterious star she is.Hoeks is undoubtedly one of our favorites and we are excited about her projects (follow her insta: sylviahoeks ).Variety is also impressed  

Undateables !! A project very near & dear to our hearts featuringfurry 'Valentine' friends in serious need of window-purringor open-air stick-chasing and butt-sniffing.Date (14 feb 2017) / meet / adopt:Bobbie: (well, if this isn't the most kind-hearted look I've ever seen…) s quietly waiting ( > 500 days ) for a new home/comfy bedsurrounded by some squeaky toys, treats and love.Her interests includes eating, napping/basic relaxing,being out in the sun and staring into space.Robbie: designed for interaction, is waiting for 1.5 year now. Can read your mood, and wants nothing more than for your mood to be good.Get him!Rowie (10 ) in all her 'non soignée' charm(due to a food intolerance).The little smirk gives this petit girl a bit of deserved attitude.Wollie: a ' multiple shades of gray' bundle of fur with big green soulful eyes.Specializes in supervising-chores & spy-business. Please come meet her and consider this gentle soul for your happy home...more info @

Calling Elvis

Ladies & Gentleman, 'Calling Elvis' has left the building. Thank you very much @ MAG

For Real Art Fair

Big thanks to the MAG crew for making the ForReal Art fair forrealiously great!You guys are the real deal :)

For Real Art Fair

Fotofloor will be showing on the For Real Art Fair - former "Realisme"From January 18 until 22, 2017 at the Passengers Terminal Amsterdam,Piet Heinkade 27 Amsterdam.Visit us at stand #33!OPENING HOURS: Wednesday January 18, 2017                16.00 – 22.00 (opening night)Thursday January 19, 2017                   11.00 – 19.00Friday January 20, 2017                        11.00 – 20.00 (afternoon drinks)Saturday January 21, 2017                    11.00 – 19.00Sunday January 22, 2017                      11.00 – 19.00  

Keune campaign

HAPPY NEW HAIR  by Fotofloor for Keune Haircosmetics. Hope ya'll popped champagne and danced the night away!Graditude to the amazing team and Crispy's touch :)

AAF Amsterdam 2016

MAG proudly presents high-end fashion photography at the 11th edition of the Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam! Editorial work by our top photographers is showcasedat MAG Gallery C3

DGR 2016

WE DID IT (again)!!! Thanks also to all the sponsors, the organisation , most importantly, our notably distinguised and attractive riders (56,781) for helping us raising $3,359,810 ...(sofar). See you in 2017 And last but definitely not least, a big thumbs-up to all the suppliers who provided the much-coveted prizes @rustygold @silvermachine @caferaceronderdelen and worldwide supporters @TRIUMPH @Zenith @Hedon @Undandy

Expo @ the Hoxton Amsterdam

BIGGER IS ALWAYS BETTERIf you’ve never flipped through a magazine and seen a picture good enough to hang on your wall, we’re not sure what magazines you’re looking at. The peeps behind MAG Gallery understand the feeling and have teamed up with the Netherlands’ top fashion photographers and publications to take their best images to a grander scale.What they’re popping up on our walls is the best of the best that they have: for the rest of the year, sneak a peek at Paul Bellaart, Eric van den Elsen, FotoFloor, Marc de Groot, Dirk Kikstra and Roger Neve’s works live and in colour. The Hoxtown Gallery features works from local artists, changing up our exhibitions quarterly. Keep one eye open for many more galleries to come!   The Hoxton, Herengracht 255, 1016 BJ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Expo @ the Hoxton Amsterdam

MAG is takin' over the Hoxtown Gallery @ the Hoxton You are cordially invited to the exclusive vernissage of the exhibition This friday  18:30 - 21:30Up until the 31st of December Herengracht 255 Amsterdam #Fotofloor #editorialworks #launchparty #Amsterdam #callingElvis

CMS Campaign 2016

Fresh out of our roadtrip we had the privilege to work with the best team/client/energy/bikes & decollatages possible. Merci to all involved, we had a blast!!

Expo @ 'Rusty Gold'

It’s no earth-shattering statement to say that Rusty’s got a pretty good handle on mise en scène. From art walls to moto-poetry and BBQ gardens, those guys have ambiance down & know how to throw a party. Graditude to @rustygold

Expo @ 'Rusty Gold'

'Head over to the shop this saturday cause it's Soirée time!Bbq, drinks, multiple disciplinary artists and of course; bikes! Join us from 14:00 till 21:00 (ish)...well said 'Rustygoldmotorshop'. YES! we're throwing a vernissage party this Saturday! Big shout out & XL WELCOME to all who have helped us to realize this!! Our MOTO-talents and @barbraoliemans, @Ilhammestour,, @Pimthomassen and all the others!

G-star Eva Shaw

Sha-WANG! On set with Eva Shaw. Stay tuned!

R'dam Artfair 2016

ROTTERDAM. Damn straight.CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR Welcome at MAG Gallery #41 The fair runs from:Wednesday February 10 - Sunday February 14, 2016

Chasse Cinema

Fashion short Crinis.13 The Dada-movement on a small scale.One might call it a kind of dadaistic DIY-effort, but we obviously received some help in this effort. A team of specialists assisted us in order to make this film happen:production company Boardroom, a small film crew, postproduction by Woodwork as well as make-up by Barbra Oliemans, star stylist Ilham Mestour made the blond wig herself and made sure the locks were flowing, blowing and stretching in the most photogenic way….a hairgasm!Fashion short Crinis.13.Chasse CinemaBlinde Muur 63, Breda Stop by @ the opening : 6 january 19u - 22u (for 5 wks)


Goodness gracious, can you believe how fast '15 has flown?So here we're wishing you the happiest of all holidays!In honour of the gift-giving season we’ve got our webshop stocked with signed 'emergency Christmas-gifts'.We can't wait to 'hang' in your abode.Wink, the Fotofloortjes

Christmas gift

NEW small-in-number-but-big-in-radnessseries of Giclee-prints available. Check our webshop.From now till the sun rises on the new year, you'll get a Christmas-gift with every order. While stock lasts.


MAG Gallery: stand D1.

 Welcome! Wednesday 28 October 18.30 - 22.30
 Private View - by invitation only

Thursday 29 October    12:00 – 21:00
Friday 30 October         12:00 – 21:00 
Saturday 31 October     11:00 – 19:00 
Sunday 1 November      11:00 – 18:00

Adoptalicious Parool

ROCKIES.....newspaper cover!! We are so excited cos this is a projectso very near and dear to our hearts! Kudos Parool! Congrats Dierenasiel Amsterdam - Animal Shelter AmsterdamFor info on Rocky check:

DGR 2015

The Distinguished gents and dames of the Flatlands will ride out again on 27 sept.  You are invited to rub bars with us. Most significant event in vehicle affaires....join,sponsor and/or support us. Our Goal is to raise $US3 million to fund research into a cure for prostate cancer.

Best cover

Sergio Herman docu

Perfect in every way…skillful masterpiece that's enjoyable from beginning to end.(and... we are opening this film with the line..'hold that smile-i see a beautiful futur')We do!

PF spread/Marketing Tribune

PF spread / 6 saucy pics in MarketingTr1bune. Thanks, teams & talents! Have we told all of y'all that it's a privilege to photograph you & create with you? It is!  


Oh hello there 2015.We'd like to take this opportunity to thank you and '14!It's been one helluva kick ass time, and we hope that it will continue (with you by our side).We have many nifty tricks up our sleeve, including being able to donate 200 € to the LINDA. Foundation with every purchase of a ''shieldmaiden" (previously featured in  LINDA. Magazine)Currently showing this work at the Conservatorium Hotel,MAG gallery


Making the portraits of these girls really touched our hearts.Find more info and pictures on:

MAG Conservatorium Hotel A'dam

New location, new work, come check it outat the Conservatorium Hotel.Opening/drinks on the 9th of jan, we'll feed you more details on that soon.


We teamed up with some ridiculously awesome peeps to photograph'Hard cases' & 'Senior' rescue dogs in a very Adoptelicous way.Not to make you all misty-eyed but just to show how sweet,cheeky and clever these canines are. Let it poke you and please share the 'mugs' we will share later this week. We want them 'home' for X-mas!!


Behold: Fotofloor cover & interview in Kiekie.Thank you Denise Woerdman (red) for your impeccable eye for detail,your taste and general flippin' awesomeness.

Dada-Moto expo Zurich

Big 'thank you' to all the people who came to DADA & MOTO. We appreciate the love & support from every single one of you. Special thanks to The Trace Gallery, Design Club, Fabrikat, Bos and all collectors.

Nominations Le Book

We are pleased to announce that we are nominated for theLE BOOK'S CREATIVE AWARDS. (Fashion & Beauty)We are excited and will keep all body parts crossed."Thank you, for making all this possible" to our teams and Pim Thomassen, for representing us.

Nominations Le Book

We are pleased to announce that we are nominated for theLE BOOK'S CREATIVE AWARDS. (Advertising)We are excited and will keep all body parts crossed."Thank you, for making all this possible" to our teams andPim Thomassen, for representing us.


Gear up for our new MOTO show, that says 'i am free'.Let it poke you, and maybe get under your skin or into your heart.Let it excite you, move you, like it moves us!We think a (motor)cycle is much more than just two-wheels,it's a symbol of freedom, 'pushing limits with' and to become inspired.There is nothing like surrounding ourselves with the beauty of natureand doing something physical to connect ourselves to it.Fotofloor shot iconic characters to remind us that our true nature is to have fun and take risks. We aren't walking WI-FI brains, we are designed as physical beasts.Our overdeveloped and overused brains could usea mud-slattered break.Take it for a spin…..BE YOUR OWN HERO!Or just do the DaDa...

MAG Launch A'dam

Thank you for celebrating with us!!

Moto expo Zurich

'DADA' wows once again, this time together with our exclusive NEW SOLO SHOW called' MOTO'.We immortalised the most iconic mugs in two-wheeler world,from the Dada-dynasty till this very Moto-moment...keep you in the race.

Editorial topphotography

OMG…let there be…MAG museum/artgallery.A brilliant move by Linde Steverink and Roy Kahmann.We are selected (graditude!) to their first 5 of'the renowned, the cutting edge and the prodigious photographers of the world' (please contain your screaming) and are lucky enough to have sold the first-ever work of this incredible initiative!!!

Dada Moto Trace Zurich

We are working on a new solo show! Taking our own fascinations as a starting point. It's a rush! We love the process! Vernissage Thursday 2 October 2014 18:00 H The Trace Gallery Militärstrasse 76 8004 Zürich


We lensed the virtuoso, grammywinning DJ/Producer Afrojack!!What followed is the rambling, ferocious, hysterically brilliant ‘Forget The World’ debut album,including Fotofloor artwork and this insanely suitable verse:"My heart is pumping up so big that it could burst" (Ten Feet Tall)


Fotofoor is featured in Yolanthe's real life soap.Follow us on a day of technicolor-fun. Fridays 21.30 at SBS 6

Best wishes

 HIP-HIP-FOTO-FLOORAY AND HAPPY NEW YEARExit'13. High five'14.It's been a pretty damn special year, full of creativity, blessings of great fotofloor-friends,raw adventure and loads of pretty things to photograph(and to send our hearts a-flutter).We're grateful we could do/share it with you.Thanks!

Wasteland 20 years

Wasteland celebrates 20 years of naughtyness (congrats!), dress by Dennis Diem.

Afrojack Gstar

De A-Whiz and his collection lensed by Fotofloor. He's huge!G-star Raw collaborates with DJ and music producer Afrojack on a limited editon capsule collection.

Playboy Fotofloor

Whoever thought models hit their prime in their early twenties clearly didn't take Beertje van Beers into account. We shot images of the stunnin' 41-year-old supertalent in her birthday suit for the king of nudie magazines: Playboy!!!  Happy b-day,mr. Hefner. Release party; 3 october '13.Keep you posted.

DGR Amsterdam

We put together a free gathering/tour that was all about raising awareness for man's health.(focusing on prostatecancer knowingness, prevention, research and a cure)Thanks all for showing up! It was the perfect mix ofcafe racers,bobbers, bratstyle, flat trackers, customs, classics (all bikes) and moustaches, vintage specs, dapper oitfits, snappy hankies, matching smug smiks and beaucoupe de bonhomie.And a big shout out to the organisation in Australia for starting up this beautiful event!!

DGR Amsterdam

An absurdly appealing mix of moto's, suits and brotherly awareness action will meet picturesque Amsterdam, as the Gentleman's Ride hits Mokum on 29 sept! Join!THE OFFICIAL DGR - AMSTERDAM NETHERLANDSFotofloor will lens it. Mike and Arne Toonen are the gentlemen with pulling it all together.

Brush magazine Zurich

Some of our DADA pictures have been painted by the craftspeople ofBrush & Sons in acryl on canvas and shown inthe "Mercedes-Benz Special Exhibition"Big thanks to Oliver Scotoni (curator of BRUSH Magazine and founder of spicing up the artscene (and our life).

Gstar Hollie May

We captured Hollie's pretty mug for the 'main banner' and lensed A-CROTCH too.Ready to take a look-see? Check out the G-star windows.

Fonk/KunstRai Fotofloor

On our show at Eduard Planting Gallery and selling art like a boss :)

Expo Dada Barcelona

Fotofloor's expo prep @ Glassworks/Artworks, many thanks for all your support Barcelona, esp Elyne Vera !!

Ltd Edition expo Barcelona

Summer comes and it´s a brilliant moment to celebrate the Artworks 3rd edition!! This time "Dada Simultane" from Fotofloor would join us this time during the event. See you on thursday june 13th  from 19:00 to 22:30h in:Passeig de Gràcia 21 3º-1ª  08007, Barcelona

Ltd Edition expo Zurich

Fotofloor is showing at the Art Garage sale in ZurichA international Surrealistic Illustration,Typography & Sculptures happening.Friday 21st to sunday 23rd JuneWalcheturm, Kanonengasse 20 Zurich Join us on a journey back to the heydays of the Wild West; enjoy surrealistic excesses, graphic romances, & a good-hearted sense of nostalgia. Experience a festival for the subcultural, the unfamiliar & the obsessive. LtdEdition is an exhibition, a meeting point & celebration for everyone who appreciates fine graphic design, illustration, comics, photography, skilled printing & other limited edition handcrafts. 

Interview Focus

Fotofloor's interview on the current exposition 'Dada' in Focus

Crinis 13

The staff for this project includes oa: Ilham Mestour, Job Kraaijeveld, Laurens Eindhoven, Koen Barnhard, Jacques Vereecken, Barbra Oliemans and Daan Dillo.... your creative efforts are much appreciated and greatly valued.Big shout-out to Soekie the 'leading lady',with your talent to 'belong' in our fantasyland and deliver the beautiful gesture, you bewitch our film.

Fotofloor for Gstar

Bregje Heinen and Dylan Hartigan campaign-shots by us for G-star...out now,all over the planet!


This is the leading international award honoring excellence in color photography. This celebrated event shines a spotlight on the best professional photographers worldwide and honors the finest images with the highest achievements in color photography.

Caviar fashion film starring Soekie

Fotofloor just turned her lens on Soekie, in collaboration with hairstylist Ilham Mestour.Right now Soekie’s image is carved up by 'Woodwork' into a digital chopping block that doubles and turns and squeezes her through a series of kaleidoscopic formations. Keep you posted..

Caro Emerald

Wishing Caro a splendid time in US!

Wasteland posters

Expo Dada London

Happy new year, happy new work, tuttti quanti!!!Fotofloor & Artworks are setting up our London expo with gravitas...

Dada Parool

A piece in "Het Parool" about our expo!Merci and a deep bow to our vibrant & dadaistic team;Iris Satijn, Donne la fontaine, Dierck Roosen, Sofie van Ginkel, Jolanda v d Berg, Sonja Wanda, Liselotte van Saarloos, Elyne Meijs, Irene Bussemakers, Miss G, Artworks, Pim Thomassen Agency, their energy, focus, enthousiasme & dedication are greatly appreciated!

Gstar Vogue

We had the privilege to shoot G-star's exclusive capsule collection. Grandioso detail, the profits from the collection will be donated to dance4life.

Table assemblage

Expo tablecloth/dancefloor. Fotofloor uppered her inner Dada.

DGR Amsterdam 2014

THE OFFICIAL DGR 2014 - AMSTERDAM NETHERLANDS Immortalised by Fotofloor. Mike, Jef Richaerts and Arne Toonen were the gentlemen tasked with pulling it all together.Once again,thank you,for stepping up and volunteering your time and passion to the Distuiguished Gentlemans Ride Deep graditude to all the sponsors and participants Amsterdam raised over 23.000 euro for prostate cancer a two-wheeled salute goodbye.

Expo Dada Simultane

Special thanks to all involved! Particular gratitude to Artworks for looking with Dada-eyes to this project it's much appreciated and greatly valued.

Expo Fotofloor Artworks

‘DADA Simultane’ a new series of photo’s featuring  the international super model Sonja Wanda. A tribute to DADA, to the personas who jut out, live more saucy, make extraordinary stuff happen and do this all with swagger.A manifesto itself in all activities. Miss Wanda, born in Sudan, has worked for fashion designers like Marc Jacobs and Vivienne Westwood.  Beside her we were also inspired by Jean Paul Goude, Andre Breton ,Theo van Doesburg , Hugo Ball, Dali, Man Ray and his lover the surrealist photographer (and successful fashion model) Lee Miller. Le troupe de DADA includes Iris Satijn(styling and collages), Donne la Fontaine(propmaster and compositions), Lisselotte van Saarloos (hair & make-up). With DADA-simultane as a surprising result. Da will be more. Da will be prints.

Wasteland poster

The Wastelandqueen spotted you with her theatrebinoculars & wants you!!

Ranomi Kromowidjojo

New olympic record for Ranomi, we take our hats off for you!!

Cosmopolitan jubileum

Fotofloor starring in a 3D cosmo jubileum movie, how ace is that. Special glasses, great show, confetti snow, it still dazzles us. And the covers came out unglaublich sexy, yeah!

Sabrina Starke new album

SABRINA STARKE NEW ALBUM! COVER & BOOKLETPICS BY FOTOFLOORMet alle prijzen die Sabrina de laatste jaren in ontvangst mocht nemen kan het bijna niet anders of haar schoorsteenmantel is opgetrokken uit gewapend beton.Met Nina Simone als geestelijke peetmoeder is miss Starke is voor geen gat te vangen en laat dat graag horen.Voldoende om de oren te spitsen, dunkt ons. U zult het zich niet beklagen. Outside the box: release 1 juni.

Red colofon

Greetings and salutations!!

Linda Mode

Great cover, wrong credits.Ladies and gentlemen this one IS lensed by Fotofloor.


Bingo! Fotofour-in-a-row!

Finissage Zurich

Finissage, signed, sealed, delivered, yours!!

Best wishes

Champagne! Gratitude! We hope that you have had another year of enormous creativity, blessings of great friends, good health & adventures! Wish for all you cats 2012 to be an outstanding success in all facets of your lives.

New tv-commercial Fotofloor

Things are a little busy around here, in many ways, new commercial has been shot,a nice end to a fantastic year!! Thanks Caviar for the excellent job on production.

Fotofloor turtelt mit Zrich!

Fotofloor turtelt mit Zürich!

AAF Amsterdam 2012

Fotofloor at the Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam27 t/m 30 oktober 2011 -d        Booth A-7 Opening party; Wednesday 26 October 18-22 h Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek Amsterdam

The Trace Gallery Zurich expo

Our show buzz from our vernisage in Zurich still has not warn off!Swiss, vielen dank for loving & supporting our work

Louis Vuitton city guide

Oelala, the Louis Vuitton city guide is here, with participation of yours truly on the wonderful city of Amsterdam. Get 'em while they're hot!!

Tattoo Parlour

Oh yeah, we had the privilege to shoot Angelique for 'Tattoo Parlour' a new book being published by Outre Gallery Press.It's being released in November 2011. We've photographed the charming 'Tattoo darling' in her work space for an intimate glimpse at the details of her everyday life. Check our website for updates or keep up to date with Tattoo Parlour on Facebook  

Zurich expo Trace gallery

It's happening! Prints are ready, crew is standby, we've pulled up our socks and are counting down to showtime.

Miss Van

Checkerdacheck, a great collaboration: Fotofloor & Miss Van results in mysteriously sexy pics.See her work/new book:

Zurich Expo oktober 2011

Exciting times, we'll keep you updated.

New work for Zurich expo

New work has been shot with Sonja Wanda, Xaviera Aubri & Eva Copper. Gratitude to this volcanic ensemble, for the deluxe beauty, the wonderful work, support, good humor and creative input. can't wait to share it with you cats.....more coming soon!!


Pretty excited about it!!

Jan magazine on Mike & Floor

Fotofloor new commercial

We have taken a seat in the directors chair again, it's been stimulating!! 

Garagesale Zurich

June 3 till the 5th we will be in Zurich Switserland for a groupshow with a bunch of our friends/heroes, we can't wait!! Thanks to Michel (Casarramona) for this gorgeous poster.

Groupshow Prints & the revolution

'Ladies and gentlemen, we are officially on board. Champagne, anyone?' A fresh show with Femke Hiemstra, Henk Schiffmacher, Erik Kriek, Arne Toonen and many others. Xpect the unexpected with a trip to a popup, creative paradise.  There will be sculptures!  There will be mystery!  And there will be suprises! All rendered in PATR-collaborative amazingness.  

Opening Angelique's Parlour

The grand opening of the tattoo parlour 'Salon Serpent' by the fabulous Angelique Houtkamp.Friday 1st of april · 17:00 - 19:00       We can't wait!! Salon Serpent Parlour Jacob van Lennepstraat 58 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Louis Vuitton cityguide

Marie Aucouturier sat us down for a little parle on 'our' Amsterdam for the Louis Vuitton city guide, it was an interview that scored high on the fun-meter.  Thanks Marie!!We'll keep you all updated on where to get/read it. 


Check Lucienne's site for an interview onour expo and cause it's cool as cucumber!!

Silvie Cosmo abri

Rocking the streets!!

Opening Exposition

Thanks for all being there!! The opening was maximus perfectus.We're more excited than we can possibly say....sold one of our favorite works to a freakin' great dutch author before the show had even started.

Few kids on the block

p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0in 0in 0.0001pt; font-size: 12pt; font-family: Times; }div.Section1 { page: Section1; } The Amsterdam International Fashion Week is almost here. From the 26th untill the 30th of January all of Amsterdam will be engulfed by fashion, international press, excentrique people and runway shows by the greatest Dutch designers we've got to offer right now (Bas Kosters, Jan Taminiau, Spijkers & Spijkers, Supertrash, Individuals by AMFI... you name it).     But that's not the only thing happening. As the only one of the Fashion Weeks in the world, Amsterdam organises a so-called downtown programme, which is open to the public (meaning everyone, meaning you as well). From 22nd of January there are nine days of fabulousness: all in the name of fashion, and open for all.   …..   And then... where I am looking forward to the most: the exhibition in the Eduard Planting gallery of Silhouettes - Photographs by FotoFloor. On several days during the AIFW the gallery will open its doors for everyone to see the work of these great Dutch talents. The gallery presents the first exhibition where free work is shown made by the duo Floor & Mike.     Floor Stoop started many years ago after graduating in Antwerp. Her analogue photos were, without exaggeration, popular all over the world. Floor travelled from Berlin to Milan, from New York to Peking and moved to Paris in 2001 for some photoshop courses at the University. Now back in Amsterdam, she is one of the most well known photographers in The Netherlands, making portraits of Dutch celbrities, advertising for all kinds of brands and fashion photography for many magazines as La Vie En Rose, Playboy, Linda, Avantgarde and BLVD. Since 2005 she started to collaborate with mister Mike van der Giessen, to give her digital work an extra boost.     Silhouettes shows the two international succesful models Sonja Wanda (from Sudan) and Dioni Tabbers (from The Netherlands) en profile in black and white photos inspired by the cutting arts, as well as some great artists like the dark graphics of Aubrey Beardsley, the raw music by Tom Waits and the excentrique fashion silhouettes by Jean-Paul Gaultier. The important thing of the project was to simplify the forms of images. At the exhibition will also be shown some of the other famous portraits Floor & Mike made. Especially their portraits of Georgina Verbaan and Birgit Schuurman were outstanding, always with a sensual input and clearly inspired by great names from fashion, art an film. Their photography is pure but artistic, raw but still contains an enormous amount of high class.     Check it out for yourself. Enjoy the exentrique and fabulous days of Dutch High Fashion. And the most important thing: don't stay at home! There is just too much too see, which you can't miss out on.     For the entire programme check the website of the Amsterdam International Fashion Week:

Silvie Cosmo covers

Silvie's rocking ALL the covers for Cosmo.Check for a behind-the-scene.

Solo exhibition as part of the downtown program of the Amsterdam Fashion week

We are extremely proud to invite you to the opening partyof our first major solo exhibition. 'Silhouettes' Saturday 22 January, 4-6 pm. Eduard Planting Fine Art Photographs Eerste Bloemdwarsstraat 2,1016 KS Amsterdam.

Artshow 'REALisme' 2011

    Eduard Planting will be showing some our work here before we start our soloshow at his own gallery on januari 22.

Expo Buenos Aires

Prints on the wall in Buenos Aires for our benefit-show.

Gilette Silvie

Wunderkind Silvie is looking supersharp for Gillette.

Benefit show for 'Galpn Cultural Piedrabuenarte'

Preparing for our exposition/project in the tango-capital!!A special benefit-show for 'el Galpón Cultural Piedrabuenarte'.(an positive artist-collective that's running a cultural centre in the 'slums' of B.A)If you're in the city/close or have teleporting skills.....From 17th of december:Dudui Gallery, Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires, Argentinia.Mike & Floor

LINDA, the book

LINDA, the book, is proving to be a hit, the first couple of thousand are sold out and second print is on it's way.That's one of ours with the cherry on the top left, couple more gems by us in the book too.The first copy went to Bram Moszkowitcz and Eva Jinek on the night of the launch. (top right)

Artdaily Fotofloor

Nice coverage on our PAN showcase.

Fotofloor on PAN artfair

Getting ready for the PAN artfair, where we'll be showing 2 pieces of our upcoming show.

Linda, the book

LINDA the magazine, has made a book with the most beautiful and interesting photo's that they published in the last 7 years. And yes, we do have quite a few pages with stunning beauties in there.And yes, we are pretty stoked about it!!

Movieposter 'Dik Trom'

Shot the portrait for the poster of our good friend Arne Toonen and his fantastic take on an old dutch classic 'Dik Trom'. We think it looks delicious!!

Billabong Angelique

Angelique Houtkamp is the inspirational Dutch tattoo mademoiselle of the contemporary art world. Angelique brought her beautifully rendered artistic wonderland to Billabong to create exclusive original products. Learn more on

Caviar content

It's happening, Fotofloor's joined forces with Caviar for TV and film

Telfort Abri

Telfort all over the place.

Playboy Dewi

So much glamour in such a tiny dressingroom, we felt like we're inhaling pearls and feathers.My, oh my, go feast your eyes on this months Playboy and be amazed by Dewi's anatomy, skills and unstoppable beauty.

Nouveau Fotofloor

This is new, ladies and gents, and we're more excited than we can possibly say!!A series of b&w silhouettes is what we've drawing up and when they face the limelight you'll be the first to know.

Opening 'Little Gallery'

On Sunday September 12, 2010 the opening of Little Gallery Amsterdam and the launch of the webshop will be celebrated. There will be some proper champagne sabering going on at Amstelveld 17-S, Amsterdam from 5 till 8 PM!All artists represented by Little Gallery Amsterdam will be there: Fotofloor, Angelique Houtkamp, Femke Hiemstra and Miss Van.Limited Fine Art Giclees Prints

Andrelon Abri

Brand new Abri for Andrelon!

Telfort Commercial 'Jet'

Our very own Telfort commercial.Check it in full motion on YouTube:

Wedding Yolanthe & Wesley

We got to shoot the photo's for Yolanthe & Wesley's wedding for Grazia magazine in Toscane, Italy, and it was a fairytale!!

Telfort 2010 Frank

Fotofloor's new billboard for Telfort, with a familiar face on the bike...

Telfort 2010

Fotofloor's all over the place !!

Linda Shoot Movie

Here's where you can see some of our shoot with Silvie &

Telfort Photoshoots

Sneak preview to: the finetuned follow-up to our massively well received Telfort / N=5  pitch.What a great crew & production.Soon on billboards near you!!

'Zwart water' movie poster

A toast to the 'Zwart Water' crew.

Liv Burning Man

Fotofloor's aides-memoires/scrapbook published in Liv Magazine.Illustrating the genial surrealism of 'Burning Man'.

C.W Stoneking

Our friend C.W Stoneking just won an Aria Award (Best Blues & Roots Album) for his album 'Jungle Blues'.Get your hands on one, it'll blow your mind.

Book launch & Exhibition 'Tattoo Mystique'

It's been a gas in Melbourne & Sydney, the book sold like hotcakes!We enjoyed selling & signing our prints to the alluring art-aficionado's.Tara McPherson, Rose Hardy, Kate Knowles, Sunny Buick, Mike Giant and ofcourse Angelique, it's been a great pleasure sharing those walls with y'all.

Prints & Book 'Tattoo Mystique'

Signed and numbered limited edition giclee prints for sale through after the bookrelease on 16th of October.November 2009 Fotofloor's webshop will be up & running so that's another option to get your hands on one of these 'Mystical Babies'.The book 'Tattoo Mystique' on the art & world of Angelique Houtkamp is published by Outre and we'd like to thank them and Angelique for their enthusiasm & dedication

Fotofloor/Superstar Abri

Abri Cadabri !!

Book Femke Hiemstra

'Rock Candy' is here!!!!The book about the work of Femke Hiemstra is truly a little gem.We had the honour to provide the pics.'Rock Candy' will be for sale trough

Expo Sid Lee

From Thursday June 4th to Friday Juli 4th 2009 Fotofloor's showing her work at Sid Lee (Gerard Doustraat 72, Amsterdam) to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our agency Pim Thomassen.The opening was a great success! (Thanks Linda)Come and pick an olive with us on Thursday June 18th from 20.00 to 21.00.

Merrel 'Model of the year'

Our wonderful friend Merrel Westhoff got crowned model of the year!!You're the best Mer, we wish you all that glitters.

Angelique Houtkamp's new book

Something saucy to report:New book by Angelique is coming.And again; we deliver her pics that make you shiver!October 2009 it'll be released in Melbourne at Outre Gallery.Check her work:

Mercurs 2008

Mercurs 2008

Nominations Mercurs 2008

Oh boy! We are nominated twice for best cover 2008, that makes the heart skip a beat!!

La Vie en Rose

Birgit & Arne wedding

Birgit & Arne wedding, congrats! what a beautiful day,oozing with love(supreme)

Oscar Winner

Our wonderful friend Robin Honan from N.Y.C just won an Oscar,together with her collegues in the category;'best documentary short subject'.www.freeheld.comRobin,you did it,you're so full of sparks, talent & gusto.We're very proud and send much love in your general direction.

Expo Femke Hiemstra

Be prepared to be dazzled!Our friend Femke Hiemstra is having her first solo show at Kochxbos Gallerycalled 'Fenetre Secrete'. A must see!!(Photo's: Fotofloor/text from Blend magazine

Best wishes for 2008

Fotofloor's wishing everyone a splendid new year.We hope you're amping up in every way for 2008.Thank you for continually filling our world with creativity, beauty, joy & love!This year we chosen not to send any cards for new years and give the money that we save by doing so to 'Serious Request'/'Red Cross'.

Georgina Verbaan

La Vie en Rose Georgina

Floor and Mike in September's issue of La vie en Rose with Georgina Verbaan as 'La Garconne'.

Artwork Garagesale

'la moda macabra'some of the limited artwork that will be sold at the Garagesale!

Fotofloor publishes in Mexico

We say: 'muchas gracias Mexico'!'The Infiltrante' in Mexican fashionmag.

party fashionaward

Our mojo is working overtime!

mike en floor blvd

Bio Mike & Floor

Behind this record-label type moniker, Mike van der Giessen and Floor Stoop are an inseparable pair of art & fashion-photographers who now have been working together for over fifteen years. Floor has always been mad about photography and used to create fake holiday pics as a kid, featuring family members, including even absent ones. She studied silver photography techniques & art history at the 'Stedelijk Instituut voor Sierkunsten en Ambachten' in Antwerp and thought she'd make career of it. Thus she started working under the name of Fotofloor in 1994. Then she met Mike, a music-mad handyman who spent hours on his computer creating soundtracks for fashion shows. Floor became interested in things digital, while Mike had a go at photography. Love did the rest. Today the couple operates as a well-oiled creativity-machine, with Floor behind the camera and Mike in front of the screen. Working as signature photographers for leading magazines, international brands and record labels. They are known for their celebrity portraits and sell their art through several galleries worldwide. Clients: G-star, Telfort, Keune, CMS, Meis Enterprise, Telfort, Gillette, Playboy, Afrojack, Wasteland, Specsavers, D.E.P.T, Andrelon, MTV, Bijenkorf, Invito, Sacha, Nivea, Ariel,  Claudia Strater, Rabobank

Fotofloor's Favorite Links

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Contact FotoFloor

PHOTOGRAPHY-AGENCY:Pim ThomassenHerengracht 4071017 BP AmsterdamPhone: +31(0)20 62619 88E-mail:         Website: www.pimthomassen.nlDIRECTORS-AGENCY:Caviar ContentProf Tulpstraat 161018 HA AmsterdamPhone: +31(0)20 6273063Email:        : jacques.vereecken@caviarcontent.comWebsite:

About FotoFloor

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FOTOFLOOR- THE BIGGER PICTURE | Floor Stoop / Mike van der Giessen. Floor’s born in Holland and graduated ‘cum laude’ in 1994 from T.S.O in Antwerp, Belgium (a technical photography study).After receiving her allround diploma and certificate as photographer she focused on fashion and portraits. In 1995 she operated from her own studio in Holland and worked i.a; Berlin,Paris, Milan,New-York and Peking. In 2001 she moved to Paris and engaged in a Photoshop-course at the University. Now she’s living and working in Amsterdam and her work varies from fashion and beauty to portrets of celebrities,to commercial work and art-projects. Her work has been published in a wide variety of magazines; i.a BLVD,La Vie en Rose, Linda, Beaumonde,celebrity, Avantgarde man, Votre Beaute, Dutch, and many others. She’s won several prestigious prizes throughout her career like ‘the greatest picture contest in the world( American photo, NYC). Floor is selected as winner in The Coca Cola Light ’Seduction 2005’,NUPERSPECTIVE,TONI&GUY award LONDON, and her pictures won in various coiffure-awards In 2005 Fotofloor’s grown to a partnership and she teamed up with Mike to be able to deliver pixelfresh digital productions next to her high quality analogue work.

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